April 3, 2024
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HVAC systems in Bethany, OK, homes are one of the top five producers of harmful gases. Fortunately, homeowners concerned about the environment can minimize their carbon footprint by choosing more energy-efficient systems and performing eco-friendly practices.

Pay Attention to Efficiency Ratings

If you’re building a new home or replacing your old HVAC system, look for ones with higher efficiency ratings. They can comfortably heat or cool your home while consuming less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

Common features to look for include a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio for air conditioners (SEER) and the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) for heat pumps. A rating of eight or higher is a good HSPF for heat pumps, and a SEER of 14 or higher is perfect for reducing the environmental impact of air conditioners.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Minimize your carbon footprint by having a professional regularly maintain your HVAC system. Routine tasks include inspecting ductwork, cleaning filters, and lubricating moving parts. A professional will also identify and address malfunctions, such as refrigerant leaks, that may be hazardous to the environment.

With regular maintenance, your system will operate more efficiently and use less energy. It will also prolong the life of your system.

Use Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

Refrigerants help your HVAC work by speeding up heat transfer to help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. But many of them deplete the ozone layer and contribute to climate change. The ones to be aware of include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Contact a professional and make the transition to newer, more eco-friendly equipment.

Incorporate Adequate Insulation

Adequate insulation is an important step to ensuring your HVAC system is energy efficient. A home without enough insulation leaks conditioned air quite substantially. This results in a lot of energy waste. Investing in more insulation will help you stay more comfortable while saving the planet. There are different types of insulation to choose from, including sheets of batting and spray foam. A professional can help you determine what the most efficient option is for your home.

Choose an Energy Efficient HVAC System

Today’s technology offers eco-friendly options that make it worthwhile to replace your old HVAC system. These systems are reforming the way homeowners heat their homes. If your system is more than 10 years old, or if you don’t know its age, consider an upgrade. There may be rebates available that help offset the cost of a new unit.

Heat Pumps

An air-source heat pump works by pulling in heat from the outdoors and using it indoors to heat a space. The compressor and fans on a heat pump are powered by electricity. Since they don’t depend on burning fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas, they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

A geothermal heat pump works by transferring heat from below the surface of the earth to heat and cool your home. They allow you to take advantage of the consistent temperature of the earth, so you achieve efficient comfort throughout your Bethany home, regardless of the season.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

For an energy-efficient and flexible solution to your home’s heating and cooling setup, speak with an HVAC professional about mini-ductless split systems. This system is comprised of one or more indoor air units connected to a compressor on the outside of the building.

Since this type of system eliminates the need for duct work, energy loss is typically reduced. The result is better efficiency and reduced utility bills. Mini splits are available that work to both heat and cool while helping you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar-Powered HVAC Systems

Homes in areas that are bright and sunny much of the time are good candidates for clean, efficient, continuous heat from solar panels. You may be able to reduce your monthly utility costs with the tremendous savings from a renewable source of energy that has no negative impact on the planet.

The professionals at TS Heat & Air in Bethany are experienced in installing and servicing newer energy-saving HVACs, from ductless mini splits to heat pumps. We can install, maintain, and repair a variety of furnaces and AC units. We offer routine maintenance to ensure that all your equipment is working efficiently and keeping your home comfortable. Call today to request service or an estimate.

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