Man Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat At HomeIf you’d like an easier way to stay comfortable in your home, a smart thermostat could provide you with an ideal solution. At TS Heat & Air, we regularly install smart thermostats in Bethany, OK, to make things more convenient for our customers. These systems, which we also call Wi-Fi thermostats, can perform a lot of tasks. Some can even learn your routines and start to adjust the temperature before you realize that a change is necessary. More importantly, they let you have control over the climate in your home since you can control them through mobile devices or a computer.

    Installing Smart Thermostats in Bethany

    A smart thermostat allows you to easily adjust the temperature in your Bethany home, depending on the season and your preferences. You can change the temperature at various times of the day or night. For example, you could keep your bedroom at a relatively low temperature when you’re sleeping this summer, turn down the AC when you’re ready to wake up, turn it down even more when you leave for the day, and make your home cooler before you return.

    Wi-Fi thermostats come with many benefits.
    • Enhanced efficiency
    • Remote access
    • Programmability
    • Convenience
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    When you have an advanced Wi-Fi thermostat, you’ll never need to wonder about whether you remembered to turn the temperature up or down. Instead, just log on to a special website or use a certain app to see what the temperature at your home is. You don’t even need to be near your place when doing this. With a program or app, you’ll have the opportunity to set desired temperatures. You can also make adjustments if your schedule changes. A more advanced system may be able to give you feedback about your energy consumption and help you identify room for improvement if you’d like to lower your utility bills.

    Helping With Wi-Fi Thermostats

    TS Heat & Air is a family-owned business that first opened its doors in 1983. Over the past several decades, we’ve worked hard to keep customers comfortable in addition to ensuring they are happy with the quality of our results. As the industry has changed, we’ve continued to learn more about new technologies so that we can better serve the community. Our founder still leads our HVAC company, setting high standards for us to follow. We employ skilled technicians who are ready to assist people in the Bethany area; they travel with the tools and equipment they need to perform the job well.

    If you need TS Heat & Air to help you with your new smart thermostat in Bethany, contact us to schedule an appointment!

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