Award-Winning Bethany AC Maintenance

    Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Bethany, OKTS Heat & Air has been providing high quality air conditioning tune-ups for residents of Bethany, OK, since 1983. We’re known for combining professionalism with the personalized care of a locally owned and operated company. Whether you own a ducted unit or mini-split, we’ll maintain it at least every spring so that it runs smoothly and quietly. High-quality AC maintenance is always what you can expect from our award-winning team.

    You can trust us because we:

    No matter what make or model of air conditioner you own, our experienced HVAC technicians will know just what to do to keep it running at peak performance. Our comprehensive air conditioning tune-up is the best way to keep your home reliably cool all summer long.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance in Bethany, OK

    Bethany’s Trusted Air Conditioning Tune-Up

    There are many good reasons for getting regular AC maintenance. First of all, even the newest unit will wear down over time, leading to inefficient cooling and perhaps higher utility bills. If left alone, the system may require major repairs and, in the meanwhile, have its overall lifespan reduced. Maintenance prevents all of that and helps you to save money in the long run.

    We specialize in Lennox products, but Bethany residents can rest assured that our AC maintenance is for all makes and models. Our technicians bring extensive experience to the table, and will communicate with you to let you know exactly what shape your AC unit is in.

    We’ll maintain your unit by:
    • Performing a visual inspection
    • Checking for loose wiring
    • Cleaning the condenser coil
    • Cleaning the condensate drain line
    • Calibrating the thermostat

    You can relax as we take on even the most basic tasks like air filter replacement. Our schedule is flexible enough to accommodate the busiest routines.

    Value-Packed AC Maintenance Plans

    Our AC maintenance plans come with a number of advantages for Bethany customers. These include guaranteed service within 24 hours, discounted repair fees, no overtime charges, and more! After each visit, our technicians will write up a detailed report of their findings.

    Air Conditioning Tune-up - TS Heat & Air

    At TS Heat & Air, we provide the people of Bethany with not only AC maintenance, but AC repairs, HVAC installations, and even heating maintenance! To schedule your next AC maintenance visit, please contact our team today.