Workers Installing Complex HVAC Galvanized Duct SectionsTS Heat & Air strives to ensure homeowners have functional AC ducts in Bethany, OK. Without efficient ducts, your HVAC system won’t receive sufficient air supply, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Several things can go wrong with your HVAC ducts. When that happens, reach out to us for AC duct repair, and we’ll reinstate the regular indoor comfort you’ve become accustomed to.

    Understanding Your AC Ducts

    In order to keep your home at the right temperature, AC ducts provide a pathway for cool and warm air to pass through. Whenever your HVAC system is active, your air ducts are hard at work, ensuring your house reaches the desired temperature. When problems arise in your ducts, there are usually some obvious signs, such as rising energy bills. There are also some other red flags that are easy to spot.

    One obvious sign that you need AC duct repair is the presence of unusually cold and hot spots in certain rooms. Your ducts may have leaks that let out air, forcing your AC unit to work harder. A loose or noisy air duct is another sure sign of an issue that requires urgent repair. Any of these issues will cause your HVAC unit to work in an inefficient manner.

    Another probable issue is leaks in the ducts that let out the much-needed air, forcing your AC unit to work harder. When doing a self-diagnosis, it’s easy to rush to the air conditioner to check what’s wrong when, in fact, the problem is in the ducts. Always seek the help of our professionals for a conclusive diagnosis.

    Here are some more warning signs that something is wrong with your ductwork.
    • Clogged filters
    • Unpleasant moldy smells
    • Visible cracks and dents
    • Loose, leaky joints
    • Rodent infestations

    Even when working efficiently, ducts cost you about 20% of the good air that escapes as it passes through them. An inefficient duct will cost you much more on top of that. A thorough AC duct repair starts with a proper assessment of your duct system. Old ducts are more prone to breakdowns than newer ones. And the problems are often severe compared to newer systems. When we take on a repair job, we replace sealants, fix insulation, clear blockages, and make any other necessary repairs. We’re proficient in handling sheet metal, fiberglass, and flex ducts.

    Bethany’s Premier AC Duct Repair

    TS Heat & Air has a strong, experienced team of HVAC technicians ready to handle any nagging problem you may have with your ducts. Our service awards reflect our unwavering commitment to serving our community. Ducts are diverse in design, and some require elaborate workmanship. Attempting a DIY fix can alter functionality and reliability or result in health hazards that you can often be unaware of. Leave the duct repairs to our professionals, who will come equipped with all the required protective gear. Our team knows their way around ducts, and we can help keep yours in good working condition. If they fail completely, you can trust us for lasting repairs.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to TS Heat & Air for help with AC ducts in Bethany. We also service for ductwork in Edmond, Mustang, Oklahoma City, Yukon, and the surrounding areas.

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