June 11, 2024
Sounds You Shouldn’t Hear Your AC Make

If you’d like to keep your Oklahoma City home comfortable, energy-efficient, and functional all year long, it’s vital that you keep a close eye on your air conditioner. If your AC unit starts displaying any unusual behavior or struggles to do its job, you’ll want to notice as early as possible and take action. In many cases, a cooling system that needs professional attention will start making unusual noises while it’s running. However, these sounds can vary, and each one typically indicates a specific equipment problem. Here, we’ll cover the most common noises your air conditioner may make and what you can learn from them.

1. Screeching

One type of loud noise you may hear from an ailing air conditioner is a high-pitched screeching. This unpleasant sound usually indicates an issue with the unit’s fan motor or compressor. If the screeching sound is occurring constantly whenever the air conditioner is running, it likely means that the fan motor needs repairing or replacing. However, if the screeching noise halts shortly after the appliance has started running, that typically means that something’s wrong with the compression mechanism. With this type of AC noise, it’s essential that you address the issue promptly. Our technicians at TS Heat & Air will be able to determine which component is causing the sound and determine the necessary fix.

2. Rattling

Another common air conditioner noise is rattling, which occurs most frequently with older AC units. In many cases, a persistent rattling indicates that an air conditioner is starting to deteriorate and will need replacing soon. However, that isn’t always true. A rattling noise can also mean that one or more of the appliance’s parts have come loose. Alternatively, it could indicate that a twig or some other debris is stuck in the unit and making regular contact with the fan.

When you hear your AC unit rattling, it’s always wise to conduct a visual inspection of the appliance, checking for any loose debris that may be causing the sound. If you’re unable to find the source of the noise, you should shut off the system and schedule an appointment with HVAC professionals.

3. Buzzing

One of the more worrisome noises that your AC unit can make is a loud buzzing. This type of sound can indicate several different problems, some of which are much more serious than others. If you’re lucky, the buzzing noise could be the result of the air conditioner being frozen, in which case it will likely just need to thaw out for a while before running. The noise could also be caused by a piece of debris being stuck in the condenser fan, which will prevent the fan from working and cause a loud buzzing noise.

In some cases, though, a buzzing AC unit can be a much more urgent problem. The noise could be a sign of an electrical malfunction within the unit, such as a loose or frayed wire. This kind of issue can lead to electrical fires within your walls. To keep your home and your family safe, you should turn off your air conditioner as soon as you hear a buzzing noise and schedule an appointment with our team at TS Heat & Air.

4. Hissing

If you notice your air conditioner making a hissing noise, it could potentially indicate several different mechanical problems. Most commonly, this kind of sound means that the AC unit has one or more leaks in its coiling, which is responsible for transporting refrigerant. If this is the case, you may also hear a gurgling sound accompanying the hissing noise. If you don’t hear the gurgling noise, then the hissing you’re hearing may indicate a different issue, such as a leaking valve, a faulty flare connection, or a puncture in the system’s capillary tube. At TS Heat & Air, our AC technicians will be able to determine which of these equipment problems is responsible for your AC unit’s hissing noise.

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