Indoor Air Quality in Norman, OKIf you are experiencing symptoms and/or problems with your indoor air quality in Norman, OK, call us for expert and dependable service. When builders began decades ago tightly insulating our homes to keep in the conditioned air, a problem emerged. The quality of indoor air in homes deteriorated because there is no longer the proper air exchange needed for health.

    Now, pet dander, pollens, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, smoke, and air pollution can accumulate indoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor air can be five times worse than the air outside. Indoor air quality service is critical if you have family members who are prone to allergies or respiratory problems.

    Indoor Air Quality in Norman

    Poor IAQ can stem from a number of other causes as well. The most simple cause is an air filter or ducts that are dirty or partially obstructed. If you have a new home, you could be experiencing off-gassing from construction materials. Too much indoor humidity or a clogged air conditioning condensate drain can also be culprits.

    There are some common symptoms of poor IAQ.
    • Dusty or musty odors
    • Signs of mold near vents
    • Coughing, sneezing, or allergy symptoms at home
    • Frequent sinus infections and/or colds
    • Dry or irritated skin

    At TS Heat & Air, we have a variety of indoor air quality solutions, depending upon the outcome of testing we conduct in your home. Professional testing can determine the culprits, so we can provide solutions. We supply air purification systems, germicidal lights using UV technology, beefier central air filtration systems, and electrostatic filters. We also provide air exchange systems that condition the incoming air. Our team will suggest the solutions that best solve the issues the testing determines.

    Indoor Air Quality Service in Norman

    Indoor Air Quality Service in Norman

    At TS Heat & Air, we have been serving our neighbors in Norman and the Oklahoma City metropolitan area since 1983. We are here to help you solve all of your indoor air quality service needs. We have been the recipient of many honors as we have kept our community cool all of these years. We have held Better Business Bureau accreditation for many years. They have rated us as an A+. We also have received an Angi’s List Super Service Award for our dependability and reliability. We regularly run specials on services, and we have financing available on approved credit on installations.

    If you are experiencing issues with your indoor air quality in Norman, call us at TS Heat & Air.