Prepare your home for winter weather by installing a heat pump system in Norman, OK. TS Heat & Air provides local property owners with complete installation services for all-size residential properties. Heat pumps pull heat from outdoor sources and redistribute the warmth into the home. The overall cost of ownership remains low compared to a traditional furnace system. Your heat pump installation can include both heating and cooling options which allows for year-round use. Because there’s no fuel used, your carbon footprint drops. We can help you design the perfect pump system for your home.

    Heat Pumps

    Thinking about replacing your furnace before winter gets started? Consider installing a heat pump instead. This environmentally friendly temperature control system provides comfortable heat for residential properties. These exceptionally efficient heating units offer a replacement for gas-powered furnaces and provide efficient heat circulation. Knowing which model works best for you requires a professional technician. Our experienced team can help you select the perfect size and type of pump to suit your preferences and floor plan.

    Heat Pump Installation in Norman

    Installing Heat PumpsWe meet directly with you on-site to plan your project, and we provide qualified installers to handle the hard work. Our company offers a big selection of heat pumps made by well-known brands. You can also choose equipment that handles both heating and cooling. When the seasons change, you’ll flip a switch to reverse the system, so it can cool your home during summer. We can show you multiple products with high-efficiency heat ratings and SEER ratings of 16 to 20.

    Homeowners enjoy some important benefits when they install a heat pump for indoor warmth.
    • Equipment lasts up to 20 years
    • Provides quiet operation
    • Reduces overall heating costs
    • Requires fewer repairs
    • Safer to use

    By adding a heat pump to your temperature plan, you can increase your indoor comfort. You’ll also appreciate the long lifespan a heat pump provides. It’s unlikely you’ll need to replace your equipment for several decades. This, alone, provides an amazing savings opportunity. Ask us about our options for installation financing on approved credit to spread payments out over time.

    Trusted Heat Pump System Services

    Professional Heat Pump System ServicesTS Heat & Air delivers top-quality products and workmanship for area homeowners. We’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and we have an A+ rating. Our team can assist you with installations for both heating and cooling equipment. We service all makes and models, so don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. We recommend Lennox products for customers who want an affordable, reliable indoor comfort system.

    Contact the experts at TS Heat & Air today to learn more about installing a heat pump system in your Norman property.

    We also offer heat pumps in Bethany, Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, Moore, Tuttle, and the surrounding areas.