June 28, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK

Air conditioning might be a great way to stay cool during the hot summer months, but it isn’t your only option. There are all sorts of other things you can do to lower the temperature in your home. Whether it’s because you don’t have an air conditioner yet or you just want to save on energy bills, these tips can help keep your home as cool as possible.

1. Turn on a Fan

A fan can be one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your house cool. The electricity that it takes to run a fan is far less than the electricity to run an AC, but it makes you feel far cooler. Ceiling fans do a better job of cooling the whole house, but a small fan pointed right at your face also makes a big difference. If you use a ceiling fan, just make sure the blades are rotating the right way. Blades that spin counterclockwise will push cool air downwards and create a windchill effect on your skin.

2. Keep Sun From Coming Through Your Windows

UV rays are a major cause of heat, so whenever possible, try to keep them from entering your home. Keeping your blinds shut can help reduce heat indoors quite a bit. If you have blackout curtains or other heavy drapes, they will be even more effective. These sorts of window coverings block light and insulate windows, so they can help keep your home reasonably cool.

3. Let Cool Evening Breezes Inside

Because air is trapped inside your home, the temperature indoors might be very different from the temperature outside. This can be a good thing in the early morning, when it feels nice and cool inside. However, it can become an issue in the evening when your home still feels hot after the sun goes down. To solve the problem, try to circulate more outdoor air inside. Open windows and doors to generate a crossflow that pulls cool outdoor air into your home.

4. Plant Some Shade Outside

Did you know that it can feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the shade? The sun’s rays are so intense that they heat up anything they touch. Creating shade for your home’s walls or roof can keep heat from transferring inside. Try to get shade by planting some broad-leafed trees or wide, leafy shrubs near your home. It can take a while for them to grow big enough to shade your house, but the benefits are worth the wait.

5. Improve Your Insulation

One of the most important ways to keep your house cool is just keeping hot air out. You want to be able to trap all the cool night air inside your home and ensure the hot, noonday air does not come in. There are a lot of modern insulation techniques that help with this goal. Make sure you put weatherstripping around any windows or doors with cracks. If your home is lacking wall or attic insulation, try adding some. Blow-in insulation can be easily added to gaps, so it can help insulate your home from the heat.

6. Run a Dehumidifier

High humidity makes the air feel significantly hotter than it actually is. This happens because it’s harder for your body to sweat and cool itself when the air is already filled with moisture. Unless you live in a naturally dry climate, your home can benefit from a dehumidifier. Not only does it keep your house from feeling muggy, but it will also help you feel naturally cooler.

7. Rethink Your Cooking and Cleaning Techniques

In a lot of homes, much of the heat is generated from your appliances. Doing things like running the dryer or turning on the oven adds a surprising amount of heat to your air. If possible, try to avoid turning on any heat-generating appliance. You may want to consider things like line drying your clothes or cooking crockpot meals during the summer. If you must use these appliances, try to do so at night. This will ensure that they don’t make an already hot home unbearable.

If you do decide that you want to use air conditioning to cool your home, talk to TS Heat & Air. We can help with air conditioning installations or ensure that your current system is operating as efficiently as possible. As Oklahoma City’s trusted HVAC experts, we can assist with all sorts of HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance. Call now to schedule your appointment.

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