March 13, 2024
How Smart HVAC Systems are Changing the Game

With HVAC technologies fast evolving, a “smart” HVAC system can mean many different things. For some, it’s heating and cooling equipment that’s governed by Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats for efficiency. For others, it’s a central climate control system that’s seamlessly integrated with other smart home features and boasts cutting-edge capabilities like indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and geofencing. No matter how you define it, adding a smart HVAC system to your Bethany, OK home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and more.

What Smart HVAC Systems Are and What They Can Do

Smart, zoned HVAC systems are central heating and cooling systems with ducting that are divided into different zones or service areas. HVAC technicians install smart thermostats in each corresponding area. These devices send signals to central control monitors that respond by opening or closing duct dampers as needed.

With zoning, residents can control temperatures in individual zones or rooms without affecting the temperatures in other areas. Homes with zoning:

  • Eliminate the need to heat or cool empty spaces
  • Provide customized comfort
  • Reduce stress on HVAC equipment
  • Enjoy energy savings

The smart thermostats that control zoned HVAC systems have far greater capabilities than both standard and programmable models. Some of these devices can track indoor humidity in real time, respond to voice commands, detect movement to gauge occupancy, and eliminate hot and cold spots.

Remote Monitoring and Temperature Control

Smart thermostats are best known for their remote capabilities. These devices come with mobile apps that allow homeowners to check indoor temperatures, monitor HVAC performance, and make temperature adjustments from any location. With a smart thermostat, if your kids crank your thermostat way up or way down while you’re at work, you can correct the setting before you get home. Many apps also send you alerts if there is an issue with your HVAC system.

Geo-fencing and Smart HVAC Systems

Smart thermostats track and learn resident behaviors. This makes them increasingly adept at predicting when people will leave or arrive. Homeowners with smart HVAC systems can preset temperature changes, or their smart thermostats can adjust their own settings to your household members’ daily routines. Smart thermostats with geofencing are even more advanced in this skill.

Geofencing uses RFID and GPS technologies to create geographic maps and boundaries of homes. Once these boundaries are established, smart thermostats and other connected devices can respond when residents exit an area. For instance, if you’re busy working in a downstairs home office but retire to an upstairs bedroom when your workday is done, a smart HVAC system with geofencing can automatically stop routing conditioned air to your office and deliver it to your home’s top floor instead.

Integrated Smart Home Systems

There’s an increasing number of personal and home devices that boast smart capabilities. For instance, many homes have smart window treatments like light-blocking blinds that automatically lower when the afternoon sun hits. Having a smart thermostat that seamlessly coordinates with efficiency features like these optimizes indoor climate control and greatly reduces energy waste.

Smart HVAC Technologies Are Becoming the Norm

Smart HVAC systems are recognized as both highly effective and highly affordable tools for curbing energy consumption. In many areas, these innovative systems have become the standard for residential heating and cooling. As HVAC technologies continue to evolve, consumers can expect to see more HVAC system components with smart capabilities and fewer basic, low-thrill designs.

Hit Your Efficiency Targets Without Sacrificing Comfort

With a smart HVAC system, you can hit your home efficiency targets without sacrificing comfort. These systems greatly minimize the energy waste that comes from heating and cooling unused rooms. They also identify potential IAQ concerns and performance issues, send out timely filter change alerts, and provide detailed energy use reports.

The energy use reports are produced by the app controlling your smart system. They can identify problematic areas in your home, like a living room with windows that let copious amounts of conditioned air escape. After you upgrade, the data the app produces will let you know if your energy-conserving efforts are effective at reducing your utility bills.

At TS Heat & Air, we help residents of Bethany, OK leverage the latest HVAC technologies for healthy, enjoyable homes and modest heating and cooling costs. In addition, We offer top-notch air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services. To learn more about smart HVAC systems or schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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