May 24, 2021

Your air conditioner may falter when you need it the most. The natural effects of humidity in the air could work against your unit, decreasing its effectiveness and raising your bills.

Humidity Forces Your Air Conditioner to Bear the Burden

Humidity means that your air conditioner will need to work harder to get the same job done. Think of what humidity does to the air. It makes the air heavier and warmer. Those two qualities are a bad combination for your AC unit.

Your air conditioner works by removing heat and humidity from the air. Increased humidity gives your AC a tougher job because there is more to do. Your air conditioner will be under a significant strain because it is working far harder than it would if the air were dryer.

Humidity Undoes the Work That Your Air Conditioner Performs

In effect, the humidity is canceling out the cooling effect from your air conditioner. As soon as humidity is removed from the air to cool your home, new humidity is right there to take its place. Your air ends up right back where it began, and your natural instinct is probably to turn up the AC unit even higher. Air conditioners were not meant to operate at full blast for an extended period of time. This is exactly how they break.

Humidity Could Force the Need for Repairs

At some point, the increased strain could cause your air conditioner to break down. Homeowners report that humidity season is when they have the highest number of repairs. Parts tend to fail when they are taxed, and you may find yourself needing a repair technician during the hot summer months. If your air conditioner was already struggling, humidity may be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Of course, preventative maintenance could help you avoid some of these problems.

Your Electric Bills Will Be Higher

At the very minimum, your power bills will significantly rise during humid months. Any circumstances that require your system to work harder will also cause efficiency issues. Since your AC unit will need to work harder to achieve the same results, the hard work and strain will mean more electricity usage.

Humidity will also impact the quality of the results that your air conditioner achieves. The goal is for the air to be the same in every room in your house. Even if your AC unit is able to remove the humidity from the air, it may not do so uniformly throughout your residence.

Cooling Your Home Will Be Uneven

Your home may feel hotter in some spaces than it does in others. While your air conditioner may generally work all right, the results will be uneven throughout your house. Some rooms may be cooler than others, and you’ll probably be able to tell the difference. You may notice some moist, clammy air in spots, even when your air conditioner is running. Chances are, you can even feel this air a little on your skin.

This will be apparent when you see your windows fogging. In addition, the combination of an air conditioner and excess humidity could lead to a musty odor in parts of your house. The dampness could cause some slight mold or a moldy smell as well.

Meanwhile, humidity is actively working against your AC unit. While your system is trying to remove the humidity from the air by blowing in fresh cold air, new heavy air is right there to take its place. This puts you right back to where you started, and it does not allow your air conditioner any respite.

How to Deal With Humidity and Help Your Air Conditioner

The best thing to do is set up dehumidifiers throughout your home. Not only will they improve your air, but they could reduce the burden on your air conditioner and keep it working when you need it. An even better solution would be a whole-home dehumidifier working in tandem with your AC. If you’re anywhere in the Oklahoma City area, TS Heat & Air can install one for you.

You should also take care of your AC unit to prepare it for its peak season. This includes changing the air filters regularly and scheduling annual maintenance.

TS Heat & Air can help keep your air conditioner working for you when you need it most. We can assist with the preventative maintenance that it needs to keep running and the emergency repairs that might pop up during peak season. We’ll also perform AC installation when it’s time. During the cooler months, we can help with heating repair, installation and maintenance as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment in Oklahoma City or one of the surrounding areas.

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