December 29, 2018

As the temperatures in OKC drop, you just might find yourself facing some issues with your heating system. At TS Heat & Air we encourage our clients to always get their heating systems fixed as soon as they notice any signs of trouble.

Any delay in getting HVAC repairs done on time will only affect the condition of the equipment further, causing you more hassles and expenses. Prompt action can help avoid all these things. Here are some common signs of heating system problems during winter and how to fix them:

Strange Smells – A Warning Sign

It’s pretty normal to smell burning or dusty odors, the first few times you use the heating system during wintertime. The accumulated dirt and debris results in the burning smell; but this shouldn’t linger after the first few uses. It’s abnormal if you smell odors like:

Sulfur or rotten eggs- If you detect these types of smells, call us for Oklahoma HVAC maintenance. These smells come from unburnt fuel which indicates gas leaks. If left unattended, this can result in a house fire or explosion.

Dirty Socks or Strong Mildew- This kind of a smell emanating from your heat pump could be indicative of bacteria buildup on the refrigerant coils. While there is nothing dangerous about it, the smells can be unpleasant and its best to call us in to fix this problem for you. We will clean the coils thoroughly or replace them if necessary.

>Burning Electrical Smell- This could indicate a number of different things such as failing capacitors to weak motors. Based on what is causing the smell, it could result in a dead motor or an electrical fire. Our technicians will inspect and either repair or replace the faulty or dysfunctional component.

Furnace Or Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air- It isn’t abnormal if your pump’s air just feels lukewarm. However, if you feel that the temperature is cold you should consider switching the system to “auxiliary heat”. This will help make the air warmer, but will also increase your utility bills. You need to be concerned if the furnace is blowing really cold air and you find that the house isn’t warming up at all. Our team will inspect the system and find out what’s wrong before fixing the problem efficiently.

Weird Noises- Don’t be alarmed if you hear a gentle and steady hum from your furnace or heat pump as this is nothing but the moving components and the motor. However, if you hear violent clanking, clicking, squeaking or grinding sounds, these aren’t something you should or can ignore. Call us immediately and we will repair or replace the parts that are failing or causing problems.

Tackling all these problems on time is crucial to maintain your heat pump or furnace in peak working condition during winter. Hire the services of Oklahoma HVAC experts, like us for all your heating system and furnace maintenance or repairs. For more information, feel free to call TS Heat & Air at (405) 384-7111. You can also use this online form to send us your estimate requests.

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