October 23, 2023
Heat Pump Services in Bethany, OK

Heat pumps are extremely popular, and they offer a number of benefits. However, no single system is likely to meet all the heating and cooling needs of everyone. If there were one, there would be no point in having such a wide variety of systems on the market. If you have been wondering if there are any potential downsides to heat pumps, let’s go through the possible reasons why a heat pump might not be the right fit for your particular needs.

Higher Cost to Install Than Some Other Options

Heat pumps are typically more expensive to install than some other heating and cooling options. This is because they are simply a more complex system. That being said, you could end up saving money on installing a heat pump instead of simultaneously installing both a new furnace and an air conditioning system.

Less Efficiency in Cold Weather

Heat pump technology is always improving and there are heat pumps that specialize in working well in cold weather. However, the technology is not perfect yet, and a heat pump’s ability to pull thermal energy from the air outside still gets less effective the further that temperatures drop. To compensate for this, many heat pumps feature a backup electric heating system. This winds up being far less efficient than just using the heat pump’s extraction method.

So Cold It Has to Defrosting

When you are operating a heat pump in temperatures that are below freezing, ice can form on the outdoor heat pump unit. The system then goes into defrost mode, which will melt the ice so that it can continue operating properly. When this happens, the flow of heat into your home is paused, which is not ideal for maintaining the desired indoor temperature. This also causes the operating cost of using the heat pump to increase.

May Create the Feeling of a Draft

When utilizing a heat pump’s longer running cycle, there is the potential for low-temperature air that flows from the supply register to feel like there is a draft in the room. This can feel uncomfortable if the way your room is set up has someone in the household having to be too close to a vent.

Can Be Noisier Than Other Options

With longer run cycles, you also wind up having the fan and compressor in cold weather more regularly. This serves to create a significant amount of operating noise. If you are careful to choose a heat pump that has a low noise rating as well as have the outdoor unit installed a decent distance away from doors and windows, this issue can be minimized.

A Shorter Lifespan Than Other Options

Heat pumps and air conditioners both have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, but a typical furnace can last for much longer.


Since its system is more complex, a heat pump will likely require more regular upkeep and maintenance than a furnace.

You May Need an Electrical Upgrade

If you live in an older home, there is the possibility that it may not have enough power to support a heat pump. Should this be the case, getting your electricity upgraded can be pricey.

Speak to a Professional About if a Heat Pump Is Right for You

If you are in Oklahoma City, OK, or the surrounding area and want to know if a heat pump is right for your needs, give us a call. At TS Heat & Air, we have been providing heating and cooling services to the good people of Oklahoma City since 1983. We are a family-owned and operated company that has the expertise to answer any of your questions about heat pumps or any other system you might be thinking about. We do over 1,100 installations a year, and we feel confident that we can help determine what system is going to be best for your individual needs. We also hold a wide array of certifications and licenses, so you can trust that you are getting the highest quality of service in the area. Give TS Heat & Air a call today, and we will make sure to start you on your way toward having the right system for your home.

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