Air Quality Testing in Tuttle, OKIf you’re in need of air quality testing in Tuttle, OK TS Heat & Air is here to help. Indoor air quality is becoming an increasingly major concern for many homeowners, and for a good reason. According to the EPA, the concentration of many harmful airborne pollutants is typically as much as three to five times greater indoors than in the air outside. By performing an air quality assessment, we can help you determine what type of air quality issues you’re facing and what IAQ equipment is best for overcoming them.

    Air Quality Testing in Tuttle

    When performing an air quality test, we use specialized equipment that precisely measures the concentration of the most common indoor air pollutants. The equipment tests for common household allergens like mold spores, pet dander, and pollen. It can also measure the concentration of various volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is important as long-term exposure to formaldehyde, benzene, and other common VOCs has been shown to have the potential to cause cancer and other serious health issues.

    VOCs are found inside of most every building. Most of these chemicals are naturally released by various items inside the house and even the materials the home is built with. Some of the most common sources of VOCs include furniture, cleaning products, flooring, and construction sealants and adhesives.

    At TS Heat & Air, we offer all of the following IAQ solutions that can help to eliminate bacteria, allergens, VOCs and other household pollutants and contaminants.
    • Whole-home air filtration systems
    • PureAir air purifiers
    • High-efficiency electrostatic air filters
    • Germicidal UV lights

    Indoor Air Quality Solutions and ServicesIndoor air pollution is a serious problem that can create numerous health risks. People with severe allergies, asthma, COPD, and other breathing problems can be seriously affected by allergens, chemical fumes, and other airborne irritants. By installing a whole-home air filtration system or other IAQ equipment, you can overcome these issues and ensure that your home’s air is fresh and clean.

    Indoor Air Quality Solutions and Services

    TS Heat & Air has been serving customers in Tuttle for nearly 40 years, and we are proud to be one of the area’s top indoor air quality experts. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians specialize in air quality testing and can help recommend the best solution to meet your specific needs. We have made it our mission to provide excellent customer service, and this has helped us both grow our business and earn numerous local and national awards. This includes the Angi Super Service Award and both the Outstanding Local Business Award and Premier Service Award from We are also accredited by the BBB and maintain an A+ rating.

    To schedule an air quality testing appointment in Tuttle, or if you have any questions about our indoor air quality services, give TS Heat & Air a call today.