Workers Installing Complex HVAC Galvanized Duct SectionsWe make it easy to access professional AC duct installation in Edmond, OK. Due to their specialized expertise and equipment, it’s important to entrust AC duct installations and repairs to professionals. Our experts have the necessary training and experience to appraise ductwork accurately.

    Improperly installed or repaired ducts can lead to air leaks, uneven cooling, and reduced system performance, resulting in higher energy bills and discomfort. Our HVAC technicians adhere to all safety standards and regulations, mitigating any electrical work risks and ensuring building code compliance. Call TS Heat & Air today for the installation of ducts or an AC duct repair.

    Professional AC Duct Installation

    Installing AC ducts involves several steps. First, professionals assess the layout and size requirements for efficient airflow. Next, they plan the duct routing, ensuring optimal distribution throughout the home. Then, they cut openings in walls, floors, and ceilings to accommodate the new ductwork. Afterward, they assemble duct sections, seal each, and connect them to the HVAC system. Finally, technicians test the system for proper airflow and make necessary adjustments. Adherence to safety protocols and building codes is standard operation for us throughout the process.

    To perform duct repairs, technicians identify the source of the issue, whether it’s a leak, obstruction, or damage. Then, they access the affected ductwork by removing sections or accessing crawl spaces. Next, they repair or replace damaged components, such as seals, joints, or insulation, and ensure proper alignment to prevent future issues. Once repairs are complete, they conduct thorough testing to verify airflow and system integrity.

    TS Heat & Air offers all types of duct repairs:
    • Fixing loose or disconnected ducts
    • Adjusting or replacing faulty dampers
    • Sealing leaks in duct joints
    • Insulating ducts to prevent condensation
    • Repairing torn duct tape or mastic seals

    When you ignore necessary duct repairs, you put your home in jeopardy. Leaky ducts can lead to significant energy losses, resulting in higher utility bills. They also make it easier for dust, allergens, and other pollutants to enter the home’s air supply, compromising indoor air quality. Additionally, they increase the likelihood of pest infestations, making it easier for insects and rodents to enter the home. You can avoid all of these problems with professional duct repairs. 

    AC Duct Repair in Edmond

    Homeowners in Edmond should choose TS Heat & Air for AC duct installation and repairs. With over 25 employees and operating since 1983, we bring decades of expertise to every project. We install over 1100 HVAC systems annually and collaborate with over 40 professional homebuilders, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

    Call TS Heat & Air now to schedule AC duct installation in Edmond. You can also count on us for help with heat pumps, ductless systems, and more.

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