24 hours serviceWith average high temperatures in the 90s throughout the summer months, it’s a good idea to keep a trusted 24-hour AC repair in Moore, OK on speed dial. At TS Heat & Air, we offer that service and more. We’re the 24-hour AC service you can trust to be there when you call, to get your air conditioner back to churning out ice-cold air when you need it most.

    24-Hour AC Repair in Moore

    When it comes to air conditioning trouble, the longer you wait to address a problem, the more likely it is to worsen. That’s why it’s a good idea to call a 24-hour AC service at the first sign that something’s wrong. That way, a trained and experienced technician can diagnose the issue and take corrective steps to solve it immediately.

    There are a variety of symptoms that you should know that might indicate that your AC is on the verge of breaking down:
    • Unusually high operating costs
    • Abnormal cycling
    • Vents blowing warm air
    • Poor airflow at vents

    If your home’s AC system begins to display any of the above symptoms, it could mean that it’s suffering from a malfunction. Many of the problems that lead to those symptoms are degenerative — which means they’ll only worsen with time. For example, poor airflow coming from your AC vents may mean there’s an obstruction in the system somewhere. And if you don’t address it, that will force the system’s blower motor to work harder than it should. Over time, that will lead to higher operating costs and eventually a damaged or broken blower motor.

    Trustworthy 24-Hour AC Service

    Trustworthy 24-Hour AC Service
    At TS Heat & Air, we know that many homeowners hesitate to call in an AC repair company when their system shows signs of trouble. But we’ve been serving the Moore area since 1983, and you can trust us to be there to help at any hour of the day or night and for a fair price. You’ll never have to question whether we’ll treat you right. We install approximately 1,100 HVAC systems each year, and we’ve got a near-endless list of satisfied customers to prove that our success is well-earned.

    If you’d like to experience our dedication to customer service and satisfaction in person, you can feel free to visit us at our shop during regular business hours.

    So, when your AC isn’t working as it should, don’t wait. Contact us at TS Heat & Air today, and take advantage of our 24-hour AC service in Moore.

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