May 10, 2020

Your HVAC system did its job well, but the time has now come to purchase a new one. Besides looking over consumer reviews, efficiency ratings, and pricing, homeowners should also check out the calendar. Many experts suggest springtime is the perfect season to upgrade an HVAC unit. There is logic to this belief. Here are several things to consider regarding spring HVAC replacements.

The Replacement Date Arrives in Spring

If you are past due for a replacement and spring is here, then maybe you should move fast. The maximum life expectancy on one model might be 15 years. After passing that time frame, taking steps to buy a new unit becomes advisable. You do not want to see the AC fail in the heat of July or August, so take action in the spring. An aging system runs the risk of becoming unreliable or outright breaking down. Even if the unit continues to run, expect efficiency to be poor. That means higher energy bills during the summer.

Keep a careful eye on your system no matter how old it is. If you start to notice operating problems, begin thinking about moving forward with replacement work. The unit might have two years of life left to it, but if it is constantly breaking down, the time to replace it might be the spring.

Spring Weather Is Preferable

The spring also brings forth a preferable climate. Usually, spring weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The same cannot be said of either the dead of winter or the scorching dog days of summer. As the old HVAC unit heads out the door and the new one comes in, there will not be anything providing hot or cold air. The mild weather of spring becomes helpful when relying solely on an open window for comfort. A better plan may involve calling TS Heat & Air to inquire about HVAC installation. Our company provides heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance services for residents of Oklahoma City and nearby towns.

Better Scheduling

Expect summer and winter to be busy times for technicians. Spring may be a little slower, and that means booking a preferred time to schedule service becomes much easier. Summer and winter, however, could see the company overbooked. Even if the business would like to accommodate a scheduling request, there may be many other customers ahead of you.

Plus, there is the issue of emergency repair work. Harsh weather means more strain on an HVAC system, which can lead to wear. Malfunctions and breakdowns could occur, which means HVAC technicians find themselves out on calls. During the spring, the phone might not ring as much. Many people choose to put work off until the summer, which further opens up the schedule for those who are interested in booking installation work.

Better Plan Your Purchase

If you start thinking about upgrading the HVAC system in late winter/early spring, you will discover there is more time to look for the right unit. Consumer reviews and other online testimonials allow buyers to look for the best available model. Homeowners can also take steps to measure their house accurately. Doing so increases the chances of purchase the right size HVAC unit. The wrong size will not benefit a home at all. Efficiency and expense-related problems will not go away if the model is too big or undersized.

You can also look at the energy-efficiency ratings. A unit with excellent energy ratings may drive down expenses, which offsets the overall cost of the system. To say that is a nice added benefit would be an understatement.

A Chance to Save Money

The slower spring season opens some new doors of opportunity for homeowners. If installation requests slow down, manufacturers could offer better deals on HVAC models. Reduced prices on quality products present a chance to upgrade to something much better while saving money. Keep sales and deals in mind when beginning your search. To start looking early in the spring could be a better idea than waiting until the end of the season.

You do not have to buy at the beginning of the season, but you should start looking. That way, you will not miss out on any limited-time offers or other deals.

Call TS Heat & Air today and ask about our HVAC installation work. You can also inquire about our other services, such as indoor air purification. Our company has received many service awards, including one from Channel 4.

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