September 24, 2018

A heat pump is a vital piece of equipment that facilitates speedier heat energy transfer from the source to its destination. Like most heat and air OKC systems, these are quite sturdy devices. But they can sometimes stop functioning as effectively as a need to and will require replacement.

However, your system doesn’t really have to stop working entirely in order for you to decide whether you need to replace it. There are certain signs that indicate it’s time that the equipment is replaced:

The Signs To Look Out For

1. Excessive repairs

There will, of course, be times when machines breakdown, which calls for repairs. However, if your heat pump breaks down very often each year, this is an indication it needs replacement. Many homeowners wonder whether it’s cheaper to get the system repaired multiple times rather than invest in a new one. However, when you compare the cumulative cost of repairs over the year, you may find that you end up paying far more than you would for a new heat pump. In a situation such as these, it’s a smarter decision to get the system replaced on time.

2. Strange Noises

A heat pump that’s working properly, will have minimal internal resistance and friction. If you find that your system is constantly making strange noises it is an indication that the moving parts and other components are beginning to wear down. In most instances, these unusual noises can be traced down to components, loose vents, worn out motors and faulty ductwork etc. While it’s possible to fix these problems as mentioned earlier sometimes, if the system is old, the cost of the repairs might be higher than the cost of a new system; this is when you need to consider replacing it.

3. Higher Energy Bills

If you have noticed a steady increase in your energy bills, with no additional appliances running in your home, it an indication that there is some energy loss in your home. Heat pumps tend to be the most frequently used systems in a house, making them one of the most probable suspects when it comes to shockingly high energy bills. It’s a good idea to call in an expert to inspect the system to confirm whether it requires replacement.

4. Inconsistent Heating Around the House

If you find that some areas of your house are constantly either too hot or too cold in comparison to other spaces, it’s an indication that something is amiss in your entire OKC HVAC system. Some other common and consistent conditions that you should look out for include excessive humidity in various areas of the house. If these conditions do not get fixed even after servicing and maintenance, you might need to replace the system.

If your system is older than 10 to 15 years and has been used consistently during this period of time, it might require replacement as well. It’s a good idea to call in heat and air OKC experts like the ones at TS Heat & Air to get your heat pump inspected and maintained with regularity.

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