Heating and AirIf you need services for your heating and air in Nicoma Park, OK, we’re ready to serve you at TS Heat & Air. A reliable HVAC system is a must if you want to make it through the summer and winter comfortably.

    We offer quality services at affordable prices. We’ve been serving the local community as a family-owned and -operated heating and air company since 1983. You can count on our reliability and professionalism.

    Heating and Air Repairs

    If you need a heating and air company in Nicoma Park for repair services, don’t hesitate to call our technicians right away. We’re skilled at diagnosing all kinds of HVAC issues. It’s common for HVAC systems to develop problems that aren’t apparent until extreme temperatures force them to work too hard.

    However, you may notice early warning signs that something is wrong. Calling an expert when these come up can mean the difference between a minor fix and an extensive repair. Save yourself money while giving yourself increased peace of mind by calling for repair at the first sign of trouble.

    These are some signs you need to call our technicians for HVAC repair:
    • Loud grinding noises
    • Unit won’t turn on
    • Suddenly smells like fuel
    • Heating and cooling isn’t even
    • HVAC is blowing room temperature air

    Quality HVAC Installation Services

    A newly installed heating and AC unit can offer superior performance, modern features, and improved energy efficiency. If you’re faced with a major repair for an older unit, a replacement may make more sense.

    This way, you will have a unit you can count on to get you through the summers and winters ahead. New HVAC systems also offer benefits like quieter operation and easy controls. A brand-new HVAC can even boost your property value.

    Heating and Air Installation

    Nicoma Park Heating and Air Maintenance

    While your heating and air conditioning system may be working fine, you want to make sure it stays that way. By calling our technicians for heater and air conditioner maintenance, you can stop many potential issues in their tracks.

    This helps you save long-term on repair costs. By performing routine cleaning and swapping worn parts, your unit will also run at peak energy efficiency. This means less spent over time on your energy bills. Calling for a tune-up a few months before you need to push your HVAC will ensure it’s ready for the season ahead.

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