minisplits in bedroomAre you considering the benefits of using a mini-split in Yukon, OK? Mini-split AC systems are perfect for the unpredictable weather in the area, which ranges from blistering heat in the summer to freezing temperatures in the winter. Their flexibility in high temperatures, efficiency, and zoning capabilities provide excellent comfort year-round.

    The installation process for this type of cooling is crucial to the system’s performance and energy use. A trained professional can help you choose the correct size system and install it correctly. The unit will require professional maintenance once a year to maintain its efficiency and work at its best. It’s also important to keep the air filter changed regularly; this enhances airflow in the home, improves indoor air quality, and helps the AC use less energy.

    Mini-Split AC in Yukon

    When installing mini-split systems, a licensed technician will examine your property, choose where to place the indoor and outdoor units, drill conduits, connect refrigerant lines, and handle electrical work. The process starts by assessing the property to determine what size unit to install. Experts consider the home’s insulation level, window efficiency, and local climate patterns. Homes with adequate insulation and energy-efficient windows can often use lower-capacity ACs for cooling. 

    Higher-capacity units are generally necessary for homes with low energy efficiency (poor insulation and outdated windows) and those that experience lots of harsh weather. The home’s square footage also affects choosing the correct size. Larger homes, of course, need higher-capacity systems. Installing a system that is the right size is crucial to the system’s ability to cool the entire house without under or over-cooling. 

    Once installed, a mini-split system may need repairs from time to time. If you ever hear a hissing noise, the system may have a refrigerant leak, which reduces its ability to cool the home. You should contact an HVAC technician right away for this type of repair. Other mini-split AC problems that require professional attention include a clogged condensate drain, compressor failure, fan issues, airflow restrictions, and frozen evaporator coils. TS Heat & Air can help with all of these repairs.

    Mini-split AC systems work well in various residential settings:
    • Multi-zone homes
    • Rental properties
    • Single-room studios
    • Homes without ductwork
    • Sunrooms and additions

    Access Professional Mini-Split Services

    TS Heat & Air boasts over 40 years of HVAC expertise, installing over 1,000 units annually. Our commitment to customer service ensures a seamless experience. We prioritize satisfaction and comfort for every client. Our seasoned HVAC company combines technical prowess with a dedication to customer satisfaction. We are the trusted choice for HVAC installations in Yukon.

    To learn more about installing a mini-split in your Yukon home, give TS Heat & Air a call today. You can also count on us for help with your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump system.

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