minisplits in bedroomInstalling a ductless AC unit in Mustang, OK, has many benefits. Traditional HVAC systems are energy inefficient, resulting in costly monthly energy bills.

    They also contribute to poor indoor air quality due to the accumulation of dust, allergens, and particles in the ducts. Installing ductless AC systems eliminates these problems and gives you many more benefits.

    Reliable Ductless Units in Mustang

    A ductless AC unit improves your energy efficiency and saves you on monthly energy costs. Ducts account for up to 30% of energy loss in central forced-air AC systems.

    Eliminating ducts minimizes energy loss, making your unit consume less energy to cool your home. Its zoning capability also allows it to consume less energy. A homeowner may turn the unit off in unoccupied rooms or regions, improving energy efficiency. It also gives you greater convenience and comfort.

    Occupants in your home can adjust the temperature in different rooms independently. Since these units do not have ducts, they occupy less space in your home, enhancing your house’s aesthetics. It also makes it suitable for smaller homes or houses with limited space. They are versatile and can be installed on your wall, floor, or ceiling.

    There are several advantages of installing ductless AC units:
    • Saves space
    • Better energy efficiency
    • Less noise
    • Suitable for renovations and expansion
    • Better comfort

    They also contribute to improved indoor air quality. Dust and allergens accumulate with time in the ducts of traditional ACs. These are then spread to the rest of your home when cold air passes through the ducts. Since a ductless AC unit does not have ducts, it doesn’t spread these impurities, improving your home’s indoor air quality and preventing respiratory conditions.

    For ducted ACs, much work is involved when renovating or expanding your unit. You might have to remodel your home or rip out your ceiling. For the ductless units, you only require a little more than a small hole when expanding the unit to cover an extra room.

    These systems also operate quietly, giving your home a peaceful atmosphere. A noisy AC can alter your sleep patterns and is unsuitable for homes with young children.

    Your Ductless AC Unit Team

    At TS Heat & Air, our HVAC technicians offer the best ductless units in Mustang. We have operated since 1983, and our experts have experience providing excellent AC solutions for our clients. Our robust customer service lets you speak with a live person in our office.

    Our customers also give us many positive client reviews, showing the reliability of our solutions. We also have an A+ BBB rating and an Angi Super Service Award, which shows that choosing us is the right option.

    Contact TS Heat & Air today for outstanding ductless AC unit solutions in Mustang. We’re also available to help with your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump system.

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