HVAC unitAt TS Heat & Air, we provide efficient services for heating and air in Kingfisher, OK. These services are available to residents all throughout the OKC Metro area. Whether you require a new system or need maintenance or repair on an existing one, we’re here to help.

    We have 35 years of experience that allow us to diagnose HVAC issues and provide the necessary professional expertise. Our heating and air company aims to ensure the satisfaction of every customer who requests our HVAC services.

    Kingfisher Heating and Air Repair

    When you feel your HVAC system isn’t running properly, it’s best to contact qualified professionals. Once you give us some details of the problem, we’ll set about finding the exact solution.

    An HVAC system might stop evenly distributing air throughout your home for many different reasons. The issue could be as simple as a dirty air filter. However, there’s also a possibility that the issue is more serious and requires a component replacement. Regardless of what the problem is, we’ll repair your HVAC system quickly.

    Here are some signs that your heater or air conditioner requires repairs.
    • Loud noises from unit
    • Uneven heating and cooling
    • System turning on and off frequently
    • Weak air flow
    • Failure to heat or cool

    Efficient Heating and Air Installation

    The latest HVAC systems offer more efficiency than those from 10 or 20 years ago. With each passing year, the industry makes more efficiency gains. Having a more efficient system can save a lot of money during the hottest and coldest days of the year.

    Whether you prefer a heat pump or separate heating and air conditioning systems, our team provides quick installation. We can assist you in selecting the unit that fits your home and meets your budget. We’ll also help you understand what SEER and AFUE ratings mean and how to choose a reliable thermostat. For installations from TS Heat & Air, we offer financing options on approved credit.

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    Heating and Air Company for Maintenance

    Our heating and air company knows what it takes to keep a heating and cooling system running well. When you maintain a system regularly, you’ll minimize repair bills and extend the system’s life span. Maintenance can also allow you to optimize the unit’s energy efficiency.

    During maintenance service, we inspect every heating and cooling system component. Our team also performs tests to ensure the system is safe to use. During routine maintenance, we’ll inform you of any issue we detect, which should help you address the problem early on.

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