December 19, 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, 2020 brings forth a chance to do things a little differently and, hopefully, a lot better. Resolutions and decisions about changes can cover a lot of home-related issues. Your heating and cooling system might benefit from some “new things” this year. Any time is a good time for steps intended to bring down costs and improve comfort.

1. Tune-Up the System

Has some time passed since you requested a tune-up? For that matter, has someone ever performed a tune-up? During the summer and winter, an HVAC system works hard to make a home comfortable. Parts and mechanical components feel some strain. Efficiency eventually suffers. A tune-up could deliver much-needed improvements, ones that could be past due. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, TS Heat & Air can lend a skilled hand. The technicians work with furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps.

2. Sign Up for Routine Maintenance

A clean, well-inspected furnace and air conditioner might run at peak efficiency. Signing up for routine maintenance allows a qualified technician to perform any necessary preventive maintenance on the system. The service visit could include cleaning it, as well. Making sure the system runs efficiently would be a wise step. You could save money by bringing energy bill expenses down and, hopefully, avoiding some repairs.

3. Address Air Quality

With heating and cooling systems, homeowners wisely focus on repairs and maintenance. Don’t, however, pass up opportunities to improve air quality. Maybe the ducts are long overdue for a thorough cleaning? A comprehensive inspection could address any problems with the system’s indoor air quality.

4. Figure Out a Better Temperature

Staying on autopilot and keeping the temperature at a specific level might not be the best plan. Perhaps you’d be fine lowering it a bit. See if this is the case so that you can cut back on energy expenditures. One way to do this involves installing a smart thermostat. You could find it easier to program temperature settings with one.

Call up TS Heat & Air to request service or inquire about an estimate. Ask about our specials, too. Our team will be happy to help you out with all of your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs.

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