October 28, 2016

Last year we wrote a post addressing the question of whether or not you may need a new furnace, and as you can see, there are times that a furnace replacement is required. That said, you can prolong the life of your furnace by having it properly serviced. This post is intended to tell you what goes on in when your local HVAC company properly services your modern-day furnace.

1) With an ohmometer, when the furnace is not firing and the igniter is cold, the professional will measure the resistance through the igniter and the flame sensor.

2) Next, he or she will pull and clean the burners of superficial soot and rust with a stiff-bristled brush and then blow out the burners and burner vestibule area with dry nitrogen or air pressure. Your HVAC servicer will also check the heat exchanger for cracks, holes, and excessive rust.

3) If required, the condensate lines’ P-trap and pressure tubes will be removed of debris.

4) Your OKC HVAC professional will then check the system’s static pressure for optimal levels.

5) For proper calibration, he or she will then start the combustion analyzer to perform an analysis to ensure that the operating CO level remains stably within the correct range – and that they drop at the proper pace.

6) Next, the temperatures in the supply and return plenums will be read and recorded.

7) Then the gas pressure will be checked and any necessary adjustments will be made. Your professional will also ensure that there are no gas leaks.

8) Finally, he or she will ensure that the vent pipe is properly supported, specific to the type of furnace you have, and then set off the heat delay to the longest time allowed.

By carefully performing each of these tasks and ensuring that any issues are appropriately addressed, your local HVAC professional can help you stay warm, even in the coldest of winters. For questions on this or any other OKC heat and air repair issues, contact us at your convenience.

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