HVAC unitTS Heat & Air is the place to turn to for any kind of services related to heating and air in Harrah, OK. We offer our customers the full gamut of repair, installation, and maintenance services for central furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Here’s the rundown of what our heating and air company can do for you.

    Harrah Heating and Air Repair

    Technology can be notoriously uncooperative. When your HVAC system decides to fail or degrade, you could easily end up stuck having to endure a hot, muggy summer or a bone-chilling winter. No one wants that. Luckily, our experienced HVAC technicians are ready to step in and keep that from happening. And because technology doesn’t wait around for a convenient time to break down, we offer our repair services 24/7 to whoever needs them.

    Signs you might need an AC or heating repair include:
    • Exploding energy bills
    • Decreasing airflow or diminishing air quality
    • Annoying noises or offensive smells
    • Leaking of any kind

    two HVAC units outside someones houseExploding energy bills will surely get your attention. If you see this happen for no discernible reason, your HVAC system may be to blame. Malfunctioning or dirty parts will keep air from flowing through your system properly or your system as a whole from working as it should. To compensate, the system eats up more energy. Repairs may be the way to remove this issue.

    Obstructions in your ventilation system will slow down the rate at which indoor air circulates through your home. If your HVAC system can’t circulate air properly, your indoor environment will neither heat nor cool. Dirty filters or ducts could also give you filthy air to deal with.

    If you hear loud noises like rumbles or whistles coming from your system, you should suspect defective parts. Any bad smell — like that of mold, for example — cries out for cleaning. And when you notice leaks — whether of water or, even more dangerously, freon — you should always call an HVAC technician.

    The HVAC Installation Pros

    An HVAC repairman can be a lifesaver, but not every problem calls for that solution. Sometimes, heating, air, and cooling systems simply become too degraded. If you repair a system like this, you’ll soon need to do so again. Add in the fact that, as time goes on, new HVAC systems come out that are more powerful and efficient, and it becomes clear that repairs aren’t always worth doing. In these situations, our heating and air company will gladly install new heat pumps or central HVAC systems for you.

    As a rule, you should really think about HVAC system replacement if your system is more than 15-20 years old. We can install systems from top brands like Carrier, Rheem, and Lennox.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    HVAC system installations and replacements are always a big job. Few customers take them lightly or are eager to undertake the hassle they involve. Even if the mere passage of time makes it inevitable that you’ll eventually have to replace your system, how can you keep from having to do this needlessly or too often?

    The answer is maintenance. When you call one of our technicians over to tune up your system, they’ll make sure it runs as well as possible for as long as possible. Maintenance can also detect problems early on and keep them from reaching crippling proportions. Many HVAC system manufacturers also require you to submit proof of annual maintenance reviews in order for you to stay covered under their warranties.

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