February 23, 2019

Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable, you don’t want to find yourself dealing with HVAC problems when freezing temperatures hit. The time to review your heating system is before disaster strikes. This past week we have seen temperatures drop to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

We at TS Heat & Air provide the best Oklahoma HVAC maintenance solutions in Oklahoma City, Moore/Norman, Yukon and beyond. Timely repairs or maintenance by experts help ensure your system provides great service through all weather conditions. Maintenance will also save you a considerable amount of hassle and unnecessary expenses in the long term.

Regular Oklahoma Furnace Maintenance Tasks

We recommend that our clients get regular furnace and HVAC maintenance. These annual inspections and minor fixes (as required) can go a long way in preventing a downtime on the system through the year. Our licensed and well-trained HVAC technicians will:

  • Clean your furnace, heat pump or boiler
  • Lubricate the system
  • Replace worn bolts and dirty filters
  • Inspect and tighten loose screws and bolts which help reduce noise and vibrations
  • Check the oil and gas connections
  • Inspect the ignition system
  • Once all the inspections, maintenance and minor fixes have been done the technician will also run the system for about 15-minutes to ensure its functioning well
Make Sure Your Heating System Is Ready For the Unexpected Weather
  • Get the heating ducts inspected & thoroughly cleaned to ensure the best heating efficiency.
  • To maximize system efficiency and to avoid heating fires in the system, check for dirty or clogged equipment.
  • Ensure the vents and filters are debris and dirt-free. Keep all flammable materials, especially cardboard boxes and fabrics clear of the heating equipment.
  • Check the CO2 and smoke detectors to ensure proper functioning.
  • Make sure they have fresh batteries.
  • Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of a gas furnace and isn’t detectable by sight or smell.
  • An older home might not have the right ventilation to release this gas.
  • Use the programmable thermostat in order to save energy.
  • Set the temperature much lower during the sleeping hours and when you’re away from your house for several hours.
Hire Oklahoma City Heat And Air Specialists

We are the experts and can help with all your Oklahoma heating system maintenance and repair requirements. We provide prompt and efficient services to our clients at very cost-effective pricing. As mentioned at the outset, it isn’t too late to get your heating system inspected and maintained before more bad weather hits Oklahoma.

Hire the Oklahoma HVAC expert for all your furnace and heating system repair and maintenance. For more information, feel free to call TS Heat & Air at (405) 384-7111. You can also visit our website for more information and tips: www.tsheatandair.com

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