March 7, 2017

As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to prepare your cooling system for the warmer weather ahead. Take these steps to ensure you have the most energy-efficient summer possible, despite the Central Oklahoma heat. Try these tips from the heating and cooling experts at TS Heat & Air:

Schedule Routine Maintenance Services

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t think about the HVAC system until something goes wrong, now is the time to make a change. Scheduling routine maintenance services can help prevent costly breakdowns and keep your system operating as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance clears your unit of dirt and dust, replaces worn components, and gets your air conditioner in top shape for its hardest-working months of the year.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are the latest innovation in energy savings. These thermostats let you control temperatures when you’re out of the house or asleep, saving money on cooling bills when compared to running your AC 24 hours a day. You can adjust what times you want your unit to adjust temperature, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient all day long.

Block the Sun

The majority of heat within your house comes from the sun pouring in through your windows. Without the proper window dressings, your floors and furniture absorb this heat and raise indoor temperatures – forcing your air conditioner to work harder. Install reflective blinds, solar screens, or window films to block out the light. Plant leafy trees and shrubs around your building’s exterior to block some of the sun’s rays. The U.S. Department of Energy states that you can increase your air conditioner unit efficiency by up to 10% by planting trees that shade your unit.

Replace Old Units

Eventually, your HVAC unit will lose efficiency. Even if it still works, you could be wasting significant energy on an old, outdated system. Hire an HVAC professional to inspect your unit and give a professional recommendation about whether it’s time to replace it. A new HVAC system is a major investment, but it can save you considerable money in energy costs during hot Oklahoma summers.

Check for Drafts

Your home may be letting the cold air out and hot air in without you realizing it. An HVAC professional can inspect your home for leaks at windows, doors, and skylights, and make repairs to stop hot air from infiltrating your home. Fixing leaks can help you regulate temperatures without overworking your AC unit.

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