August 25, 2016

When people complain about the summer temps, they often say, “It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.” That’s true, and it definitely makes life a little less comfortable for a solid three or four months, but that’s not the only effect the excess moisture in the atmosphere has. As the humidity outside rises, indoor humidity does, as well, unless it’s controlled. This can cause your family to feel hotter and experience sleep problems, and it also leads to mold growth, swelling and deteriorating wood, and rust or other oxidation issues.

Of course, a good HVAC system is designed to regulate your home’s humidity, but there are some natural ways that you can help maintain the proper levels.

  • Use fans to help circulate air and evaporate moisture.
  • Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule of changing furnace and air conditioner filters, as clogged filters inhibits airflow.
  • Fix any leaky pipes, and insulate any hot or cold water pipes that acquire condensation.
  • Ensure your home is properly ventilating.
  • Make sure any exposed soil in your houseplants is covered.
  • Dry your clothes outdoor on a clothesline, as dryers often add to humidity levels – even those that ventilate outside.

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