August 2, 2020

Homeowners are often too busy in their day-to-day lives to pay much attention to their air conditioning systems. This could suddenly change when an unexpected electrical surge leads to a total HVAC breakdown. You may get a surge in your home when the utility company switches between power grids, a large appliance cycles on and off, or a tree limb touches a power line. Even something as unlikely as a lightning strike can cause a surge. Also, a problem with utility lines could cause a momentary, yet destructive, increase in power.

Did you know when the power goes out, there’s a chance for a surge? Minor “brown-outs” cut off power. When the power returns, there might be a slight surge that has the potential to cause trouble for an HVAC system.

Once the power hits the AC and overall HVAC system, a catastrophe could result. A surge of electricity, even of a relatively small amount, could ruin your entire air conditioning system. So, it doesn’t hurt to install a device capable of adding some protection. This device is known as a surge protector.

What Is an AC Surge Protector?

As the name suggests, a surge protector provides a defense against unexpected increases in electricity. The device stands as a “mediator” between the rise in power and the air conditioner. When a surge occurs, the surge protector works to regulate the increase in power. The added electricity then won’t affect the air conditioner.

The circuit boards inside an HVAC system can only handle so much. Without a surge protector doing its job, a circuit could blow out. Don’t expect an air conditioner to cool your home during a heatwave when that happens. There’s another thing to be concerned about: the costs of repairs or replacements if something does go wrong.

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The Homeowner’s Policy Mistake

The first step many people take when damage occurs to their property involves filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. Under a great many circumstances, this is the right move to make. If excessive winds were to tear apart the roof, filing a claim presents the opportunity to recover at least some of the costs. Unfortunately, homeowner’s policies do come with exclusions. A typical homeowner’s policy will not likely pay for air conditioner damage related to power surges. Such incidents may fall under the exclusions clause.

What does that mean? Insurance doesn’t extend to surge damage. The homeowner must pay for all necessary repairs if repairs are even possible. Remember, the damage to the system could be so severe that repairs won’t be possible. Replacing the unit becomes the only option available. And that would be an expensive one.

Investing in a surge protector could potentially prevent instances of damage to the air conditioner. Some may wonder why they should purchase and install a surge protector, considering the cost and the possibly remote chance of a surge occurring. The logic that applies to homeowner’s insurance also applies here. You don’t know if something might go wrong. If it does, at least there is a protective mechanism in place that would reduce possible losses.

Small Surges Contribute Harm As Well

The previous point regarding brown-outs or other small surges in power is worth expanding upon.

Homeowners could have incorrect assumptions about how surge-related damage occurs. A severe power surge may happen, leading to the air conditioner blowing out. So, one surge leads to the system suffering destruction. Is that the only way that the damage can happen? No, the repeated minor surges from utility problems could slowly degrade the system.

All those seemingly “minor” surges could add up. The slow process might lead to the system suffering disastrous ruination over time. In a way, this is similar to how damage derives from not changing a filter. With a filter, dirt could continue to pile up inside the system until problems occur. The repeated effects of small surges might eventually cause severe damage.

Call for Professional Service

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