Air Quality Testing in Mustang, OKIf you are interested in scheduling air quality testing in Mustang, OK, or the surrounding area, you can trust the team from TS Heat & Air. Although it’s often overlooked, your indoor air quality can play a huge role in your comfort and health. Poor air quality can lead to various issues, including headaches, itchy eyes, fatigue, dizziness, and respiratory distress. Long-term exposure can also lead to serious health problems such as heart disease and cancer. Getting your air tested can identify pollutants and help you avoid these and other problems.

    Air Quality Testing in Mustang

    With today’s air-tight homes and businesses, pollutants can quickly build up inside, especially if there isn’t adequate air exchange. If you are like most Americans, you spend upwards of 90% of your time indoors, whether you are working, at school, or relaxing at home. That means that indoor air quality is much more important than the quality of the air outdoors. Those with asthma and other respiratory conditions are particularly vulnerable to indoor pollutants, but everyone should be concerned about the air they breathe.

    There are various sources of poor air quality. Pet dander, dust, and pollen are common allergens, but there are artificial sources of indoor pollution as well, including:
    • Building materials
    • Cooking products
    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Furniture

    Scheduling air quality testing is one of the best things you can do for your Mustang home. Professional testing will help you identify the sources of the pollution so that you can address the problem. A testing company can also help improve your air quality with solutions such as air purifiers, electrostatic filters, and germicidal lights.

    Indoor Air Quality Experts

    Indoor Air Quality ExpertsAt TS Heat & Air, we have been helping Mustang homeowners with their indoor air quality needs since 1983. We are BBB accredited, and our technicians are committed to providing top-notch services. We provide air quality testing for local homeowners and property managers and can install various air quality solutions to help you breathe easier and stay more comfortable in your home. Whether you want a standalone air purifier or purification equipment that can be installed in your current heating and cooling equipment, we can help. Our team is happy to address all your air quality concerns.

    We have a shop on NW 39th Expressway in Bethany and are happy to provide air quality assistance throughout Mustang and the entire Oklahoma City metro area. When you are ready to improve the air you breathe, reach out to TS Heat & Air to schedule an appointment.