October 10, 2018

Once the winter temperatures set in, you will need to crank up the heat levels in your home. The last thing you want during the winter season is to deal with any furnace and heating issues. Regular HVAC Oklahoma maintenance by experts like the ones at TS Heat & Air is one of the best ways to ensure but you don’t have to deal with these problems during the colder months. Here we take a look at the top five furnace and heating issues that homeowners face:

1. Air Flow Issues

The flow of air in your home can become compromised by various problems caused by the bearings, belts, motors or fans in the heating system. This makes it necessary to repair the furnace when you notice signs of trouble so the system functions optimally. Failing ducts and aging can also affect the airflow in the indoor areas of your home.

2. Thermostat Malfunctions

The thermostat in your furnace helps control and determine when the heat needs to be produced and what its level should be. Any problem in this particular device can result in the loss of heat. The fan can stop functioning, preventing the flow of hot air through your home. Erratic functioning of this system can result in intermittent heat which can impact the comfort levels in your house.

3. Clogged or Dirty Filters

Regular maintenance and repairs are crucial in order to improve efficiency and extend the life of the furnace. Dirty filters restrict airflow making the unit function much harder in order to efficiently circulate warm air throughout your home. This adds unnecessary stress to the system, creating comfort problems as well.

4. Ignition Control or Heating System Pilot Problems

In addition to other mechanical failures, the furnace’s ignition control can malfunction resulting in intermittent/no heat. Modern-day furnaces typically have two different types of ignitions- the intermittent pilot and hot surface ignition. A malfunction in either of these can prevent your furnace from functioning as it should.

5. Poor Maintenance

We have seen that one of the commonest causes of furnace and heating issues is poor maintenance. Not carrying out regular servicing of the system can result in low comfort levels, increased energy costs, and unexpected breakdowns.

Hire the services of an expert OKC HVAC contractor like us for all your furnace and heating system repair and maintenance. For more information, feel free to call TS Heat & Air at (405) 384-7111. You can also use this online form to send us your estimate requests.

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