December 18, 2020

Your family depends on your heating system to keep warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. However, when the system starts to break down often, it becomes so expensive to maintain that you will start to question its sustainability. Since the costs of frequent repairs can add up quickly, it might be wise to invest in a contemporary and more efficient system.

The following are the signs that the time to upgrade your home heating system has come.

1. Rattling Sounds

Your home heating unit has lots of moving parts, so it’s not unusual to hear a few noises when you turn it on. However, when the noises become troublesome enough that they get your attention, it might signify a breakdown.

The system will make troublesome noises if the pipes and radiators have excess air in them. The resultant airlocks prevent water from circulating properly. When the water overheats, it causes premature damage to your heater since cracks appear near the joints and bends.

It’s important to check the ducts to ensure that the return air is not creating a vacuum. The noises can result from:

  • Problems with the motor, belt, or bearing
  • Rust when the unit has not been used for a long time
  • Expansion and contraction as it heats up
  • Delayed gas ignition

Your technician will diagnose the problem and propose the right remedy.

2. High Utility Bills

A poorly insulated home is unable to retain the heat, and it may require that you run the heater all day during the cold season. However, if the utility bills rise unexpectedly, it’s an indication that the efficiency of the heating unit has started to dip. A defective furnace works harder to warm your house and that’s why the energy costs escalate.

Various parts of the furnace that require attention include the thermostat and electrical panel.

Also, if the unit is running but it’s not heating the house, check the filter. Dirt and dust restrict the airflow causing the unit to overheat and shut off almost immediately. In such a scenario, your house won’t warm up.

3. Frequent Repairs

It’s vital to schedule annual maintenance to keep the heating unit working efficiently. However, if the repairs are too frequent, it’s a sign that the heater has started to age.

Dirt is the main enemy as it affects your heat exchanger.

Replace the air filter every 6-12 months to prevent clogs that cause the exchanger to overheat and crack. If the blower motor is not releasing enough air through the vents, the resistors that control the fan are not working. Also, a cracked combustion chamber allows the interior air to mix with the flue gases.

Cracks will also allow excess air to cause an imbalance between oxygen and natural gas. The heater will then release soot that will be circulated throughout the house. Such soot is dangerous as it can cause respiratory problems.

4. It’s More Than 15 Years Old

While an operable heating unit can break down, it’s easy to get it up and running with minor repairs. However, an aged system encounters major breakdowns that are too expensive to repair. If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new heating system, then it makes more sense to replace it.

A condenser coil replacement is the most significant heating unit repair. The condenser coil lasts 10-15 years just like the lifespan of your heater. Not only are the parts difficult to get, but they are quite expensive.

The condenser coil releases the hot pressurized gas and then converts it to the liquid state. The fluid returns to the evaporator coil and absorbs heat once again. If the condenser coil is not doing its job, then you will have frequent refrigerant leaks.

Replacing the defective heater with the modern system will save a lot of money and avoid headaches in the future. When shopping for a new heater, insist on smart thermostats that provide zoned heating capabilities. Heating your house in zones can save you up to 30% on your bills.

Consult the Experts

If your home heating system is not performing as it should, it needs a tune-up to clean and adjust the various parts. However, frequent breakdowns might indicate that the years of wear and tear have finally taken a toll on your system. At TS Heat & Air, we are committed to providing professional heating system service to Oklahoma residents.

Our technicians are hands-on when it comes to installing, repairing, and maintaining your heating and cooling system to perform efficiently. We also offer cooling services with the best offers in town.

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