Keeping warm in colder weather at home

Posted: Dec 12, 2017

When winter strikes in certain areas, you might experience a loss of power should a winter storm or ice damage the lines. If that were to occur, you want to be sure you are fully prepared to handle the situation. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for a winter power outage that could help keep you and your family stay safe and warm throughout the duration of the outage.

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3 HVAC Maintenance Tips That Could Help You Prevent Damage to Property and People

Posted: Nov 8, 2017

With the environment having wild swings in temperature, a lot of damage both to property and people is happening. For instance, every year since 1998, around 37 children die due to heatstroke per year. However, the heat is not just the only problem you are facing; a sudden cold chill can break and shatter glass windows in houses that are not prepared for it. People also get sick with the sudden changes in temperature.

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Preparing Your HVAC in the Fall for the Cold Nights Ahead

Posted: Oct 16, 2017

The busiest time of the year for HVAC contractors is during the fall and winter. It only makes sense, right? People don’t use their heating units during the summer so they only find out that something is actually wrong when the cold days are here.

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Fall Will be Here Soon Enough- Fall Maintenance and Service

Posted: Sep 12, 2017

With fall approaching, it’s time to prepare your home and HVAC system for the colder weather. Maintaining a healthy HVAC system will keep you warm this fall and winter and prevent any problems with your heating. Here are a few easy tips for fall HVAC maintenance and service.

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2017 Lennox Fall Promotion

Posted: Aug 30, 2017

Lennox is offering a promotion with rebates on select HVAC units, this 2017 Fall.

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The Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

Posted: Aug 11, 2017

The quality of the air we breathe in our home is important in so many ways. Over time, the quality of the air in our home can become polluted. You can greatly improve the quality of air inside the home by keeping clean filters and making sure your outside units are clean. You might also consider the use of an indoor air quality system. There are a number of benefits to managing your air quality, as follows:

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Make Your Summer Allergy Free

Posted: Jul 12, 2017

Summer is supposed to mean sunshine, vacation, and family time. It’s not supposed to mean allergies. Unfortunately, summer heat and humidity encourage the organisms that produce allergy symptoms.

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Managing Your Thermostat to Control Energy Costs

Posted: Jun 12, 2017

A basic programmable thermostat can be a homeowner’s best friend. These handy tools give homeowners the ability to set heating and cooling preferences for comfort and increased savings. A 7- to 10-degree temperature change can lead to a 10% decrease (or increase!) in energy costs. With the right settings, you can get the most out of your heating and cooling system throughout the year.

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Five Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

Posted: Mar 7, 2017

As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to prepare your cooling system for the warmer weather ahead. Take these steps to ensure you have the most energy-efficient summer possible, despite the Central Oklahoma heat. Try these tips from the heating and cooling experts at TS Heat & Air:

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Why Winter is a Great Time for Air Conditioning Service

Posted: Feb 13, 2017

It can be easy to overlook your home’s air conditioning during the months it’s not in use. Believe it or not, winter may be the best time to consider having your air conditioner serviced. Experts suggest having your air-conditioning system serviced at least once annually and the timing can make a difference.

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Staying Warm in Winter Emergencies

Posted: Jan 9, 2017

Your heat pump/furnace keeps you and your family safe from cold weather. No one wants to think about what it would be like without one, but sometimes failures happen. It’s important to be prepared before disaster hits in order to prevent personal harm. If furnace or heat pump failure does happen, preparedness will help you weather it.

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How to Know When to Repair or When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Posted: Dec 29, 2016

As a homeowner, you may not know when it’s time to purchase a new air conditioning (AC) unit. Replacing your old unit is a difficult decision, especially if you think you’re getting a better deal by paying for repairs. However, the costs of repeated repairs on an inefficient, outdated unit could easily surmount to more than the price of a brand new unit. Understanding the warning signs of when to replace or repair your unit is the only way to make a smart, educated decision.

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Central Air Conditioner Units Improve Air Quality

Posted: Dec 21, 2016

Central air conditioning (AC) systems have a range of impressive benefits over other types of units, but the most important advantage is cleaner indoor air. Most units don’t efficiently remove harmful contaminates from the air as they operate, leaving them to circulate throughout your home. Central AC systems have advanced filters that keep your indoor air fresh and clean. With central AC, you can rest assured knowing your family is breathing in a clean environment.

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Why the Top Oklahoma HVAC Dealer Sells Lennox

Posted: Nov 20, 2016

Many people know that we’ve been a long-time proud authorized dealer of Lennox Air products, but have you ever wondered why we chose that particular brand? Well, the obvious reason is that it’s because we believe it to be one of the best, but here is why:

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Have You Had Your Furnace Properly Serviced Yet?

Posted: Oct 28, 2016

Last year we wrote a post addressing the question of whether or not you may need a new furnace, and as you  can see, there are times that a furnace replacement is required. That said, you can prolong the life of your furnace by having it properly serviced. This post is intended to tell you what goes on in when your local HVAC company properly services your modern-day furnace.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Posted: Sep 27, 2016

One of the most common questions that an HVAC professional can get is “Why is my air conditioning unit blowing hot air?” In reality, there are myriad reasons why this could be happening, but we’ve got five common causes to share that may save you a goodly amount of time and money.

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Dealing with Humidity in the Home the Natural Way

Posted: Aug 25, 2016

When people complain about the summer temps, they often say, “It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.” That’s true, and it definitely makes life a little less comfortable for a solid three or four months, but that’s not the only effect the excess moisture in the atmosphere has. As the humidity outside rises, indoor humidity does, as well, unless it’s controlled. This can cause your family to feel hotter and experience sleep problems, and it also leads to mold growth, swelling and deteriorating wood, and rust or other oxidation issues.

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